Slate Repairs



A hole in this valley was repaired in 5 minutes by placing plastic roof cement. It separated from the copper and leaked again. If the roofer had cleaned and soldered a proper copper patch over the hole, the repair would have been permanent. We either use a cold-weld process or 100% silicone materials for temporary repairs.

Roofing Contruction
Roofing Contruction

Valleys that have been coated with roof cement are a sure sign of previous water entry problems. Roof cement, however, is only a temporary solution to those past problems.

Roofing Contruction

Copper valleys tend to develop holes after 40 - 60 years, however many slate lasts in excess of 150 years. Notice how the hole forms at the edge of the slate. Once the wood deck is exposed, any deteriorated wood is replaced. Finally, the new copper valley is replaced and the roof will be functioning for future generations.

Two courses of slate on either side must be removed in order for the valley to be properly replaced. A freshly completed valley replacement project on a historic roof.

Roofing Contruction Roofing Contruction