Steeples List



When we approach steeple painting two of the factors we look at are initial and long term cost.

The major portion of the cost in any painting restoration is in direct proportion to the preparation the contractor is performing in the removal of the old paint and the repairs and sealing of the cracks/joints and anomalies that are discovered.

Far too many painters will rough scrape/spot prime and start the finish coat... ALL IN THE SAME DAY.

Our crew members will aggressively sand your wood using "Festool" mechanical sanders to capture the lead based paint found on all older steeples. We then moderately sand to transition any remaining paint before we apply a full application of 100% linseed oil primer that will saturate the fibers of your wood and restore its natural oil that has been dried out over many years. Surface primers that dry and are ready to paint in an hour are a financial benefit to the contractor but back in the long term performance for the customers.

Finish coats are applied using the finiest of European paints made from 100% linseed oil. When finished, 100% linseed oil paint will never crack, peel, or blister and require only a light sanding when the paint needs to be restored in future years.

The front clock face on this tower in Winchester, VA, has a fresh coat of paint. Notice the hand prepared clock face below the man painting. Paint and primer carefully applied by hand reduces "skippers" and unsealed cracks. It also reduces overspray and the associated problems.

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