Annual Maintenance

Annual roof maintenance contracts for our clientele have become a vital part of our business operations at Leeland's Slate Roofing. As our customer base increases, and our clients become more educated regarding their slate roof and the major investment they have in these hand created roofs, they have seen the benefits of a yearly roof maintenance inspection.

Some of the benefits of annual roof maintenance include:

  • No surprise water dripping through the ceiling during a prolonged rain.
  • Minimizing/eliminating the cost to repair damaged plaster/drywall/ wall paper, etc.
  • Minimizes chances of mold growth from minor leaks which have gone undetected over a period of time.
  • Decreases the chance that you will even have to pay a large dollar amount to replace wood decking and/or structural framing members or your roof system.
  • Homeowners who can verify/document that annual roofing maintenance is performed on their home have no problem if and when an insurance claim is filed for storm damage, or if selling their home.

No one owning a fine automobile would consider running it year in and year out without having a trained mechanic perform routine maintenance. Don't allow your beautiful roof to fall into disarray and internal damage to occur. A small investment in roof maintenance will provide a great return in years to come.

The bottom line is preventive roofing maintenance saves you money in the long run, and provides you with peace-of-mind.